Relaxation areas

Relaxation areas

Become aware of your body, breath, surrounding scents, sounds and sensations provided by the sacred water …

Various spaces of relaxation and rest are proposed:

The infrared lamps help to bring the body’s temperature back down after an activity such as a sauna, hammam or physical exercise.

Please note : these infrared lamps have a relaxing effect but are non-tanning.

What we advise : if you were not particularly warm before entering this room, cover up. Indeed, as your body temperature falls, you may experience a sensation of coldness.

For information : these rooms are equipped with lounge chairs where you can put your feet up in peace. You should keep your voice down or whisper to preserve the atmosphere of tranquillity for everyone’s benefit.

The blue light produced by the Wood’s lamps creates a large discharge of negative ions which destroy pollutants and facilitate breathing and relaxation. It is said that breathing in this room for between 20 and 30 minutes is the equivalent of a day high in the mountains.

Soft music and calming fragrances create a unique atmosphere that promotes rest and relaxation.

A rest room with natural light and views of the surrounding nature welcomes you in a quiet atmosphere.

A desire to read a book, a need for a sleep, remember to listen to yourself, give yourself this moment and let go …

Plaids are available for your comfort in this room. For your best convenience, you can of course wear you bathrobe.




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Under Wood light or infra-red, rest room