A thermal tradition since 1868...

Spa Sparkles !

The Thermes of Spa combine modern wellness with traditional hydrotherapy; peat baths, balneotherapy treatments, benefits conferred by drinking water, pleasures of water games, relaxation or fitness programs, beauty treatments.


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    A luxury that is not afraid of simplicity, luxury far from the sound and ostentatious, a certain conception of privacy in the sense that the quality of the relationship, staff discretion and mindfulness go hand in hand with refinement, pleasure of every moment. A place rich with a unique soul.



    Today, wellness is where the sources of Spa spring with their secular benefical properties.
    Since 1868, water is the sacred element of the Thermes of Spa; everywhere present in a preserved nature, it is charged by the force of the earth.
    Genuine revelation of the combination between the rock, the nature and the Fagnes, this water is here the beneficial element that massages you, invigorates you, relaxes you as it once did for the greats of this world.

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Du mardi 6 au lundi 12 juin inclus, les Thermes de Spa seront fermés pour leur maintenance technique annuelle.
Nos bureaux de réservation restent néanmoins ouverts tous les jours de 9h à 18h.
Au plaisir de vous accueillir de retour dès le 13 juin.
En vous remerciant pour votre compréhension.

De Thermen van Spa zullen van dinsdag 6 tot en met maandag 12 juni voor hun jaarlijks onderhoud gesloten zijn.
Onze reservatiediensten blijven wel open alle dagen van 9 u. tot 18 u. Wij verwelkomen jullie graag terug vanaf 13 juni.
Bedankt voor Uw begrip.

The Thermes of Spa will be closed from the 6th till the 12th of June for annual technical maintenance.
Our offices remain open every day from 9:00 till 6:00 pm.
Looking forward to welcoming you back as from the 13th of June.
Thank you for your understanding.