Your first visit ?

Your first visit ?

Your first visit? Here is a list of the most common questions you may ask and their answers.
What are the opening hours of the Thermes of Spa ?
How much is the admission fee to the Thermes of Spa ?
What is included in the price of bath admission fee ?
Is the practice of the saunas and hammams naked ?

Is there a parking place ?
What should I pack for my visit to the Thermes ?
Can I take my flip flops or slippers at the Thermes ?

Are children allowed ?
What is the first thing to do before entering the baths ?

What bathsuits are allowed at the Thermes ?
Do I need to book before coming to the thermes ?
Can I keep my glasses inside the center ?

Am I allowed to take pictures ?

Is there WIFI in the Thermes ?
Can I take a bag with me inside the Thermes ?

How to behave inside the Thermes ?

Is there a restaurant on site ?