Thermoludic activities

Thermoludic activities

It combines the virtues of hydrotherapy with different water games and related activities (relaxation areas, wellness activities etc…) of a fun nature thereby offering a modern form of hydrotherapy.

Either during your day care or for a visit to the thermal baths, the variety of activities combined with moments of pause allow you to better enjoy assimilate the benefits of each treatment or natural hydromassages in the baths…

Besides the thermal baths, we offer various spaces to discover during the day according to your desire…

In general terms, the fact of being in the water soothes the joints, avoids sprains or extension of the muscle and minimises soreness.
Buoyed up or assisted by the water, you feel light.

The mere self massaging effect of water is beneficial for the venous return.
The exercises give all the muscles a workout; the abdominal muscles, buttocks, thighs, arms and shoulders, back and legs without forgetting the breathing.

Half an hour of aquagym is considered to be the equivalent of one and a half hours of traditional gymnastics in terms of calorific expenditure, that is to say almost 600 calories.

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Our lifeguard team offers a unique sensory experience in water through a relaxation session with Tibetan bowl in our small indoor pool.

You let go weightless on floating supports; our lifeguards are with you and distribute the vibrations in turn to everyone.

A sound massage designed for total relaxation; a return to yourself.

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