Spring is here, it’s time to think about ourselves!

Deep inside each of us, there is a power…

With the arrival of fine weather we feel like a natural impulse that invites us to restart, to reactivate our beauty, to take control of our health, to question our potential, to rebalance our body.

LPG Endermologie® body treatments are part of this approach.

They help to:

Eliminate fat (-5.2cm waistline)
Smooth cellulite (+67%)
Firm the skin (+71%)
Rediscover light legs (stimulation of the circulation x 3)

We offer you:

LPG Endermologie® body sessions of 25 minutes at 49€. Subscription of 11 sessions for 450€!
LPG Endermologie® body sessions of 40 minutes at 80€. Subscription of 11 sessions for 750€!

Come and enjoy these treatments at the Thermes de Spa, and, with the purchase of a subscription, get a free 2-hour access to our baths.

For those who don’t have the time, access to our Institute does not require you to go through our baths.

Book by phone on 087 77 25 60 or email us at reservation@thermesdespa.com

A team of more than 10 physiotherapists and beauticians awaits you!

All our formulas here: LPG Cellu M6 | Slimming and firming treatments, body and face – Les Thermes de Spa

The Thermes of Spa also allow you to prolong the effects of LPG Endermologie® treatments at home thanks to the products available for sale in our online shop


Visibly acts on cellulite, smooths orange peel skin.

Price: 67€ – 200ml – Click here to buy this product


Targets fat, smooths cellulite.

Price: 50€ – 150ml – Click here to buy this product


Immediate contouring and lifting effect. Tones body contours.

Price: 60€ – 150ml – Click here to buy this product


Fat-burning, volume loss, detoxifies.

2 capsules per day.

Price: 48€ – 56 capsules – Click here to buy this product