Mother-Baby Cure

Mother-Baby Cure

Many young mothers already came to Spa to find the necessary in order to fully recover through expert hands and cares.

You take together with your baby (that must have between 2 and 5 months), the time to get your tone.

Everything there is designed for you to follow, in peace, your young mother program. Two days from Monday to Tuesday or Wednesday to Thursday in the company of your baby.

The Mother – Baby Institute, one of the three main components of Les Thermes de Spa, exists especially to accommodate babies and their mothers. The institute comprises a private cloakroom, a reception room, a lounge and crèche – play room, a bedroom, kitchen – baby bottle preparation area, toilets, etc. It is well integrated with the building as a whole, by means of stairs and a lift, especially with the treatment and bathing areas while at the same time being closeted and isolated from the other parts of Les Thermes site to guarantee you the peace and quiet that tiny tots need. For example, the token used to access the various areas is programmed differently for mothers (and for them alone) so as to respect the intimacy the Mother – Baby Institute requires.

A specialized nursery welcomes you and takes care of baby when the mother takes care of her.

The cure for 2 days*: € 380.00

*Note: Accommodation is not included in the cast of the cure.

Baby twin supplement: € 140.00

An entrance to the baths is offered daily for the Dad or an accompanying person to the mother’s choice during the stay. It is possible to have lunch with the mother, see our rates and book. .

What it comprises :

For mother :

(Possibility to book extra treaments in option)

For Baby 

  • Massage for baby

For both together

The plus points :

  • Every day, during your stay, a companion will be offered access to the baths for the day.
  • Free parking at Les Thermes de Spa is included in the Mother-Baby therapy.

Individual treatments are provided in the center “Wellness, Beauty and Health”. Draping materials are provided (towels, bathrobe).

What you should provide : your baby’s normal food and nappies. A fridge is provided for your use.
At the Institute, you will of course find : bed, lounger, baby’s high chair, bottle warmer, etc.